Antibody Discovery


Our main objective is to allow the academic community to gain access to recombinant antibodies at an affordable price. We aim to select within 12 weeks at least one recombinant antibody against your favorite protein at a cost of CHF 4'000 (internal clients from the University of Geneva and of other Swiss universities have preferential prices). 

The procedure we follow to develop recombinant antibodies is available here: Blanc C, Zufferey M, Cosson P. 2014. Use of in vivo biotinylated GST fusion proteins to select recombinant antibodiesALTEX 31:37-42 (PMID: 24100547).


How to order a new recombinant antibody :

1. Contact antibodies(at)

Indicate  the name (with UniProt ID) and species of your target protein, as well as any special requirements about the desired epitope. We need first to obtain an authorization from the provider of the library (NovImmune SA) to develop antibodies against a new target.


2. Our standard procedure involves the use of peptides (30-40 aa) or a purified protein (provided by you, 50-100 µg) to select recombinant antibodies against a given protein. A third procedure, using GST-fused proteins, is also possible. In this case, however, design and selection of the protein region to be fused to GST is responsibility of the client, and the cost for the GST-fusion development is also charged (1’000 CHF); the antibody selection will only proceed if the produced GST meets our required standards.


3. By the end of the selection, every selected antibody is checked by ELISA (against either the peptide, full protein or GST-fused protein, according to the selection procedure). The whole procedure should take around 12 weeks.

Be aware that the antibodies produced will recognize what they were selected for: if your aim is to have an antibody that recognizes the native protein by immunofluorescence, then the selection should be against the full-length protein, or a properly folded domain (fused to GST). If your objective is rather to use the antibody to recognize a denatured protein by western blot, then peptides can also be used.

We provide the antibodies as non-purified mini-antibodies with the scFv antigen-binding site fused to an Fc . Our current offer of Fc portions are: rabbit IgG; human IgG1 and IgG2;  mouse IgG1, IgG2A and IgG2B; guinea pig IgG.


4. You will be charged 4'000 CHF when you pass your order.  While our experience is that we could select at least one specific antibody against most targets, we cannot guarantee a 100% rate of success.


5. The antibodies developed for you will be made available to the scientific community!  

Please let us know if you have any reservation about this. We will gladly indicate the reference of your first article describing the use of the antibodies. 


If you want to cite us on your publication,  you can use the following:  "A recombinant anti-XXXX antibody (ABCD_RBXXX) was generated by the Geneva Antibody Facility ( as described (Blanc et al., 2014)." 


 Important: be aware that the antibodies developed by the facility are restricted to fundamental research use. Any commercial development is subject to restrictions and must be negotiated with the University of Geneva.



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