Hybridoma Sequencing



The Geneva Antibody Facility offers a hybridoma sequencing service, at a cost of CHF 500.-  per hybridoma.

From a vial of frozen hybridoma cells, we obtain the sequence of the antibody variable chains (heavy and light). Our protocol works for IgG and IgM of mouse and rat monoclonal antibodies.


The main advantages of obtaining the antibody sequence of a hybridoma cell line are:

- the guarantee that the antibody information is safe even if the cell line is lost;

- the possibility of converting the antibody to other species, isotypes, or formats.


The sequenced antibody will be referenced in the ABCD database. Check here the hybridomas already sequenced by us.

For an additional cost of CHF 200.-, it can be reformatted and produced as a mini-antibody, with the variable chains (scFv format) fused to your favorite Fc (mouse, human, guinea pig or rabbit).



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