[283] Quality of Life of Patients after an ICU Stay

Current domains of interest

  • Outcome - Quality of life of patients after an ICU stay (study terminated - manuscript) : the outcome of ICU patients are still under investigated. Such knowledge is essential for better care of the patients.
  • Quality - Incidents in ICU (ongoing): studies are issued from problems related to incidents spontaneously declared in ICU
  • Stress and burnout in ICU (ongoing): the ICU personal are particularly prone to burnout because of the stressful environment and special care of the patients and families. This problematic is investigated in order to establish future solutions.
  • Ethics - Informed consent in research (study terminated - manuscript) : informed consent is a key element in clinical research. The group investigates the special features linked to the procurement of informed consent in the special environment of ICU.
  • Advance directives and health care surrogate in patients undergoing a major cardiovascular surgery (ongoing): this is a major study sustained by the Swiss National Foundation of Research (FNRS) that investigates the reasons of interfering with the constitution of advance directives for individuals. The research project includes 3 sections: the patient, the family member and the physician.

Group Publications