Cuendet Muriel

Prof. Muriel Cuendet

Pharmacognosy Group leader, CRTOH associate member

School of pharmaceutical sciences,Faculty of Science


A central theme for our studies is the discovery and characterization of anticancer agents from various natural and synthetic sources, mainly in multiple myeloma and lung cancer. For this we  study the cellular pathways and cancer hallmarks, such as proliferation, angiogenesis, migration, and invasion using 2D as well as 3D co-culture spheroid models. We are also looking to optimize the molecules regarding their activity and selectivity in collaboration with chemists. We have identified a series of compounds with low nM activity in multiple myeloma as well as in solid tumor cancer cell lines for which we are currently identifying the targets and mechanisms of action. Moreover, resveratrol, a natural product found in grapes, showed promising results in preventing lung cancer in a mouse model (Monteillier et al, Sci. Rep. 2018) and translational studies are ongoing.

Selected publications

  • Ferro A., Graikioti D., Gezer E., Athanassopoulos C.M., Cuendet M. (2023) Entinostat-bortezomib hybrids against multiple myeloma. Molecules, 28, 1456.
  • Freitas Misakyan M.F., Wijeratne E.M.K., Issa M.E., Xu Y., Monteillier A., Gunatilaka A.A.L., Cuendet M. (2021) Structure-activity relationships of withanolides as anti-proliferative agents for multiple myeloma: comparison of activity in 2D models and a 3D co-culture model. Journal of Natural Products, 84, 2321-2335.
  • Monteillier A., Voisin A., Furrer P., Allémann E., Cuendet M. (2018) Intranasal administration of resveratrol successfully prevents lung cancer in A/J mice, Scientific Reports, 8, 14257.
  • Berndt S., Issa M.E., Carpentier G., Cuendet M. (2018) A bivalent role of genistein in sprouting angiogenesis, Planta Medica, 84, 1-10.
  • Issa M.E., Wijeratne E.M.K., Gunatilaka A.A.L., Cuendet M. (2017) Withanolide D exhibits similar cytostatic effect in drug-resistant and drug-sensitive multiple myeloma cells, Frontiers in Pharmacology, 8, 610.