[597] Clinical Nutrition

Project 1. Evaluation of the potential synergy between functional food administration and radio- or chemotherapy in different gastrointestinal cancer models.
Abstract: Recent findings suggest that functional foods, such as n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids, may selectively sensitize tumor cells to radiation or certain drugs by increasing oxidative stress, while decreasing mucosal or epidermal radio- or chemotoxicity by downregulating cyclooxygenase II. We aim to evaluate the individual or combined potential of these functional foods to increase radio- or chemotherapy efficacy in different gastrointestinal cancer models.

Project 2. The Life-long Learning web-based educational programme in Clinical Nutrition.
Abstract: This European Union project is part of the Leonardo Da Vinci programme.

Project 3. Body composition evaluation.
Abstract: Establishment of methodologies and reference values (lean & fat masses, water distribution) in different pathologies.

Project 4. Effect of anabolic manipulations on the nutritional status of patients with chronic respiratory insufficiency.
Abstract: Impact of nutrients, hormones (testosterone) and/or physical activity on biological and physical (body composition) parameters.

Project 5. Micronutrient stability and pharmaco-economics in parenteral nutrition.
Abstract: Limiting factors in the use of ready-to-use total parenteral nutrition bags are the costs and the stability of micronutrients in the bag. These factors are evaluated and compared between different products and materials.