[606] Preclinic Studies of Osteoporosis

1. Pathophysiology of osteoporosis:
This project is aimed at investigating in animal models the pathophysiology of osteoporosis. It investigates the process of bone mass acquisition and the influence of environment and hormones. In adult rats, the role of sex hormones and somatotrop axis is investigated, as well as the influence of protein and mineral intake on bone turnover and quality. The role of cytokines on bone turnover is evaluated using a transgenic mice model. We also investigate the influence of these different factors on mandible.

2. Treatment of osteoporosis:
This project is aimed at evaluating the effect of inhibitors of bone resorption and anabolic agents on osteoporosis. Bone biomechanics as well as determination of its determinants are major goals of this study. Not only pharmacological treatments are investigated, but also the influence of nutritional supplements such as protein, mineral and vegetal on osteoporosis. The influence of the type of nutrition (protein intake and mineral intake) on the efficacy of different osteoporotic treatments (especially, anabolic factors) is investigated.

3. Bone tissue quality:
Bone tissue quality plays an important role in the determination of bone strength. In addition to the 3D micro-architecture of bone tissue, the intrinsic bone tissue quality is measured by nanoindentation. These different results are all integrated for a better comprehension of bone strength. The influence of treatment, nutrition on these different factors is also evaluated. The influence of bone tissue quality on retention of bone implants is also investigated.