[956] Genomics and Metagenomics of Labile Blood Products


We are conducting research into the impact of environmental regulations on Adipose-derived Stromal Cells (ASCs), with the aim of understanding how to improve regenerative cell therapy. We are focusing in particular on the compaction of ASCs into 3D tissues in the form of spheroids or composite scaffolds.  In particular, we are studying certain regulations of ASCs induced by RGD, having discovered pathways favouring a strong angiogenic response, while maintaining their anti-inflammatory properties, active on chronic ischemic wounds. The immunogenicity of such regulated ASC is notably studied. Therapeutic patches containing ASC regulated by this pathway are currently developed. We are also conducting research into spheroids and cellular organoids manufactured by combining cell aggregation and air/liquid interface conditions. This new technology, discovered and developed by our group, definitively modifies and improves their structure and biological properties. The main objective is to study in detail the biological properties of spheroids and organoids under these conditions. It is applied to brain organoids and lung cancer organoids in order to develop improved tools for large-scale drug screening and personalised cancer medicine. We also focus on spheroids for  cell therapy applications, including regenerative medicine and tissue replacement. In this  latter context, we also  focus on the study of T and NK cell alloreactivity against spheroids and organoids produced by this technology.

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