Postgraduate education

Doctorate in medicine

Thesis deposit directives

Deposit of thesis for acceptance

3 copies of the thesis as well as:

  • a 150 word summary;
  • the report of the thesis director.

are to be deposited at the Students' secretariat.

Editing and final printing of thesis

The doctorate student will be informed by mail of the acceptance of the thesis. He/she shall receive the imprematur that specifies the thesis number as well as the original version of the thesis in return.

The doctorate student will include on the cover page the following indications :

  • the number of the thesis (see annexe 2);
  • the place of edition and the date of publication (see annexe 2).

Should the thesis lead to a publication, the reference of this publication must be mentioned at the bottom on the back of the cover page.

The imprimatur must be inserted after the cover page and before the beginning of the thesis

The doctorate student can thereafter contact the printer he/she has chosen for the final impression.

The thesis will be presented bound and with a printed cardboard covering. It may take the following form of impression:

  • good quality photocopy;
  • offset edition or any other similar kind of printing (in which case, the iconographic documents will have to be photographies);
  • off-print of a journal with the authorisation of the person in charge of coordinating theses.

Definite deposit of the thesis

Trs doctorate student will deposit 8 versions of the bound thesis, which will then be submitted to the different university authorities involved.


The Faculty of medicine is part of the "Cybertheses" project of the University of Geneva. This project aims to afford doctorate students with the possibility of sharing their thesis work on the Web. It seeks to provide a gateway for the dissemination of theses at an international level, thereby ensuring a better visibility of research projects.

When depositing the final version of the thesis, it is mandatory that the doctorate student provide the Students' secretariat with an IT support containing the entire text as well as a digitalised version of all illustrations.

You may contact the library of the Faculty of medicine:
biblio-medecine(at) - Tel. +41 22 379 51 00

You may consult on-line theses on the Web at the following address:

Dissemination of thesis

The department where the thesis was written has the right to acquire, in accordance with the doctorate student, a certain amount of thesis copies, based on conditions agreed upon beforehand.

Attribution of the doctor title

The "Doctorate diploma" is conferred by the University of Geneva (Diplomas' service - Tel. +41 22 379 77 44). It is sent to the "Doctor" by registered mail, after deposit of the 8 complete versions of the final thesis work at the Students' secretariat.

Right to publish

Independently of the statutory deposit mentioned here above and of the dissemination of a thesis through the Internet and/or on the "Cybertheses" Intranet site, doctorate students can publish under their own responsibility their work in any form they wants.

In this case, any mention regarding the University will be taken out of the publication.