Postgraduate education

Funding, grants for the Doctorate in medical science "MD-PhD"

  • The Swiss National Research Foundation (FNRS) offers MD-PhD scholarships to physicians appyling for a doctorate in neuroscience, for a PhD in medical science ("MD-PhD") or in science (MD/PhD).
  • Scholarship applicants may be occupying a position of research assistant-doctor. In this case, remuneration will amount to 70 % of a clinical assistant-doctor position.
  • It is also possible to obtain an MD/PhD scholarship for a three year period within the framework of the federal programme funded by various foundations. Applications must be undertaken with the authorisation of the thesis director and of the MD/PhD committee and must include a research project. Seven to eight scholarships are awarded each year to Swiss medical faculties.
  • In both cases of FNRS funding, the amount awarded consists of approximately 60'000 Swiss francs.
  • Other grants can be made available by the Faculty of medicine of Geneva for laboratory internships abroad lasting a few weeks as well as for participation in congresses.

To whom should one apply for funding?

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