Postgraduate education

Doctorate in medical science "MD-PhD"


Candidates applying for the Doctorate in medical science must have a diploma in human medicine or in dental medicine awarded by a Swiss or a foreign university. Admission to this programme is decided by the Faculty of medicine with regards to the formal admission and registration conditions and by the scientific committee of the "MD-PhD".

The Doctorate in medical science is composed of two mains parts:

  1. Theoretical training in the form of modules and research colloquiums;
  2. Achievement of an original research project.

Both parts of the training are subject to an evaluation.

  1. Theoretical training (modules) : Knowledge is assessed by the persons in charge of the teachings and participation in the research colloquiums is validated by the organisers of the colloquiums.
  2. Thesis work:
  • The personal work is assessed by the thesis committee on the basis of a report provided by the thesis director;
  • Oral examination;
  • The thesis manuscript is assessed by the thesis jury;
  • The thesis is defended in public.

Generally speaking, the timeframe allowed for carrying out this doctorate is of six semesters and the research work is conducted within one of the departments of the Faculty of medicine of the University of Geneva.