Postgraduate education

Master of advanced studies in clinical medicine


The Master of advanced studies (MAS) in clinical medicine is a professionally-oriented diploma. It emphasises the academic aspect of the medical specialisation training, which is by nature essentially clinical.

  • It meets the needs of academic recognition for physicians who come from non-European states and who are undertaking their specialisation within the Geneva University Hospital institutions.
  • It is defined by a framework regulation and by a set of internal rules specifically adapted for each type of specialisation.
  • It is designed for Swiss or foreign physicians who are starting their antepenultimate year of specialisation.
  • The Master of advanced studies (MAS) in clinical medicine is equivalent to 150 credits ECTS.

The MAS takes four semesters and covers the last two years of specialisation. The study programme is composed of three parts:

  • Full-time clinical immersion (90 credits)
  • Structured theoretical teaching (30 credits)
  • End of studies dissertation (30 credits)

Appraisals are scheduled for the three training sectors, modalities of which are developed in the framework regulation and in the set of internal rules for each speciality.