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Visceral surgery

General information

The Master of Advanced Studies (MAS) degree in clinical medicine, with a specialisation in visceral surgery, is a university degree of specialization that allows the candidates to train in visceral surgery and to go further into their postgrade training in one of the fields of the visceral surgery among which:

  • Oeso-gastric surgery
  • Kidney, liver and gall bladder surgery
  • Colorectal surgery
  • Abdomen surgery
  • Bariatic surgery
  • Robotic surgery and new technologies
  • Transplantation (kidney, liver, pancreas, islets, small intestine)

The MAS programme should enable candidates:

  • to gain the necessary theoretical knowledge, the clinical competence and medical ethics in order to master complex clinical situations related to the field of visceral surgery and abdominal transplantation;
  • to contribute through academic level research to the advancement of knowledge in the chosen field.

Minimum preliminary training

  • 2 years of postgraduate training in visceral or transplantation surgery of which at least one year in the Geneva University Hospital or in a recognized institution.

Head of programme

 Pr Philippe Morel

Visceral surgery service
Department of surgery - Hôpitaux universitaires genevois
Rue Gabrielle-Perret-Gentil 4- CH-1211 Genève 14
Tel.+41 22 372 77 02


MAS en chirurgie viscérale (60 Ko, )
Chirurgie viscérale programme opératoire (24 Ko, )
MAS règlement cadre (54 Ko, )

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