Postgraduate education

MAS in psychiatry and psychotherapy

General information

The aims of the MAS in psychiatry and psychotherapy are the following:

  • to gain the necessary theoretical knowledge in the field of prevention, diagnosis, treatment as well as the scientific bases of psychiatric disorders and illnesses;
  • to gain the necessary practical know-how in order to advise and take care of psychiatric patients in a professional manner, either on an autonomous basis or in collaboration with other medical or paramedical specialists, or as a consultant for other specialists.

Minimum preliminary training

  • 3 years of postgraduate training in psychiatry and psychotherapy in on or several psychiatric services of the psychiatric department of the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG)
  • 1 year within another clinical discipline

Head of programme

Docteur Philippe Huguelet 

Consultations - Service of adult psychiatry
Psychiatrics departement - HUG
Rue du 31 Décembre 36 - CH-1207 Genève
Tel. +41 22 382 31 03


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