Postgraduate education

MAS in clinical medicine

Procedures to follow - How to register?

Admission within programme

Physicians wishing to register for a MAS in clinical medicine programme must:

  • have consulted the framework regulation of the MAS and the set of internal rules specifically referring to the elected specialisation;
  • answer all the conditions of prerequisites that are specific to each specialisation (please check set of internal rules);
  • have imperatively identified a host service within the Geneva University Hospitals (Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève - HUG), where physicians will be able to undergo their clinical immersion. Candidates must apply directly to the head of the hospital service or to the person in charge of the elected MAS programme.
  • In order to achieve their clinical immersion, candidates must be recruited as an ordinary assistant physician (intern) or as an extraordinary assistant physician. Extraordinary assistant physicians must prove to have adequate revenu to live in Geneva, approved by the HUG human resources head office.

Once all these conditions are fulfilled, candidates can submit their application to the scientific committee of the MAS. Applications are to be sent to:

Cristiana Juge (Tel. +41 22 379 59 31
Dean's office of the Medical Faculty - 4th  floor - Office 4080
CMU - Rue Michel-Servet 1 - CH-1211 Genève 4

Application file must include the following:

  • certified copies of medical diploma for all diplomas awarded in states outside of the European Union and official transcript of diploma;
  • curriculum vitae;
  • certificate from the HUG service confirming recruitment of candidate as an ordinary or an extraordinary assistant physician for the clinical immersion;
  • certificate of acceptance from the person in charge of the MAS.

Enrolment and registration within programme

  • Once the scientific committee admits eligibility to the programme, the candidate can enrol at the Students' Administrative Office  of the University of Geneva (please check procedure).
  • Candidates who have never been enrolled with the University of Geneva can enrol online.
  • Once enrolment with the University of Geneva is achieved, the students' secretariat of the Faculty of medicine can proceed to registering the candidate to the programme. Please contact:

Martine Pernod (tel. +41 22 379 90 13)
Students' secretariat - 4th  floor - Office 4050 A
CMU - Rue Michel Servet 1 - CH-1211 Genève 4
Opening hours: 9h30 - 12h30