Postgraduate teaching seminars timetables

General information

At the Faculty of medicine, structured postgraduate teaching is part of the training programmes that lead to various doctorate titles, to the Master of advanced studies (MAS) in clinical medicine or in oral biology and to the specialised physician federal title.

A certain amount of criteria has been used to identify postgraduate teaching activities :

  • preliminary preparation for the teacher
  • compulsory attendance of persons following the training
  • activities that are independent of the daily didactic activities related to clinical practical or laboratory practice

On the basis of these criteria, seven postgraduate teaching categories are listed today within the Faculty and are being taken into account :

  • Structured theoretical colloquium
  • Introductory course
  • Discussion on an article
  • Practical seminars
  • Structured case presentation
  • Interdepartmental colloquiums
  • Specialty days

Since October 1st 2007, on-line timetables enable departments and clinical services, related institutes, the section of dental medicine and doctoral schools to enter their postgraduate teaching activities.

These timetables also serve as a basis for data extaction when taking into account teaching hours with regards to academic promotions and MIMOSA procedures. The official accounting of hours will officially start as of October 1st 2008.

Time-frames per departments and services