Medical research: better understanding for better health care


Understanding for better care: this is the conviction underlying the Faculty’s internationally recognised research, in partnership with the largest hospital complex in Switzerland, the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG). There are over 250 research groups divided into three main sections (fundamental, clinical and dental medicine) and their related departments, showing a major translational research capacity.

The Fundamental Medicine  Section focuses on gaining knowledge on the normal and pathologcal functioning of the human body and the development of new therapeutic molecules.

The Clinical Medicine Section’s purpose is the acquisition of knowledge on people and illness. It orients its research towards new therapies, improvement of diagnostic tools, prevention, quality of care and patient support. Generally located within the HUG structures, the clinical research groups within the Faculty are distributed amongst 10 departments.

The Dental Medicine Section’s main aim is oral health, which is one component of the general public health strategy. Dental medicine addresses prevention, improvement in diagnostics, patient care, transmission of knowledge and skills, and development of methods and instruments to meet the needs of the population.