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28 janvier: Frontiers in Biomedicine


12h30, CMU –C150
Dre Caroline KANT & Dre Florence PORTE-THOMÉ, EspeRare Foundation
«Transforming a shelved Pharma compound into a new therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy»

"Tackling the problem of rare diseases requires innovation in two areas. In addition to identifying new drug candidates that target unusual pathological mechanisms, it is necessary to find new solutions for bringing together the expertise, patient groups and the funding required to transform them into new medicines. Caroline Kant and Florence Porte-Tomé are the co-founders of EspeRare, a Geneva-based non-profit organization that is making significant progress in both of these areas."
Oliver Hartley, Host
Département de pathologie et immunologie - Faculté de médecine UNIGE

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19 janvier 2016
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