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Digital Dental Technologies


  • Acquire sufficient knowledge to financially manage and sucessfully promote a digital dental office
  • Master the use of digital dental technologies, from 3D optical impression to digital manufacturing (planning of treatments, communication, execution and finalisation of treatments)
  • Benefit from digital dental technologies for dental and medical findings, monitoring, treatment planning and its 3D virtual visualization, esthetic simulation and guided implant surgery
  • Learn about digital procedures for the creation of orthodontic aligners, removable prostheses and accessory appliances like night guards and sleep apnea devices


Dentist practicing in Switzerland or abroad


3 modules: basic, specialised I and specialised II (on-site presence required)

Master thesis and publication


Prof. Dr Ivo KREJCI, Prof. Dr Irena SAILER, Dr René DAHER, Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva


Dr René DAHER, Faculty of Medicine, University of Geneva

12 février 2019