Host response to pathogens

Reactive oxygen species (ROS)

NADPH oxidases in the central nervous system: NOX enzymes are found in different part of the central nervous system with different functions. We are presently working on the role of the phagocyte NADPH oxidase NOX2 and reactive oxygen species (ROS) in neurogenic regions of the adult CNS. ROS at physiological levels are involved in neuroregeneration, while excessive amounts of ROS may lead to neurodegeneration. At present are particularly intrigued by the phenomenon of promoter switch, which allows NOX2 expression in the brain.

NADPH oxidases in the inner ear: NOX3 is the predominant NADPH oxidase of the inner ear, where it is involved in basic functions (in particular otolith formation), however when over expressed (due to noise, drugs, or age), it contributes to hearing loss. At present we are developing NOX3 targeted otoprotective therapies

Therapeutic minigenes to allow vector-mediated gene knock-down: This technology has been developed in our lab over the last decade and is not applied to develop innovative molecular therapies, for the inner, for HIV infection, and in particular for immune exhaustion.

Specific expertise

  • Measurements of reactive oxygen species

  • Vector-mediated gene knock-down

Selected Publications

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January 25, 2021
  Host response to pathogens