Simon Braun


Prof. Simon Braun

Assistant Professor

+41(0)22 379 56 06

I grew up in Canberra, Australia, and moved to France to study Biology at the ESBS in Strasbourg. I was a Master’s student at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, USA, where I first learnt about the fascinating world of stem cell biology in Geoff Wahl’s lab. I received my PhD in neuroscience from the ETH in Zurich, Switzerland. In Sebastian Jessberger’s lab we discovered that lipid metabolism controls brain stem cell activity. As a Postdoc at Stanford University I worked with Jerry Crabtree and entered the exciting field of chromatin biology. We developed a new tool for epigenome editing to study chromatin regulators in living cells. In 2021, I’m joining the University of Geneva as an SNSF Assistant Professor. I can’t wait to setup the lab, build a team and work on exciting research projects.

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