Services and pricing

Design of experiment: From 300 CHF

Supervision/tutoring of persons involved in a project: 25 CHF/hour (minimum 3 hours)

Injection service (200 embryos): 200 CHF

  • P-element transformation
  • PhiC31integrase mediated transgenesis
  • CRISPR-Cas9 based genomic editing

Molecular biology services: 100 CHF | Single service

  • creating plasmids for injection (including primer ordering, cloning procedures etc);
  • preparation of mixture for injection (purification plasmids, RNA purification etc.);
  • validation of transformants by PCR and sequencing;
  • identification of transgenes insertion in genome (for P-element).

Genetic manipulation: 50 CHF | Minimal service

  • transformant selection by markers;
  • balancing of transformants;
  • test of genetic interaction between target genes using RNAi knockdown (UAS-GAL4 system);
  • tissue specific expression (overexpression) of target genes;
  • phenotype search and description;
  • phenotype rescue experiments.

Technical support: From 150 CHF

  • maintaining stocks: 10 CHF stock/month;
  • ordering stocks: according to stock center prices;
  • using facility work place/equipment: 20 CHF/day.