Christine Clavien

Chrsitine CLAVIEN
Maître d'Enseignement et de Recherche

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Curriculum vitae

Christine Clavien is senior lecturer in philosophy at the Institute for Ethics, History and the Humanities (iEH2), Geneva University. She has conducted conceptual and experimental research in fundamental ethics, mainly on topics related to human altruism, moral motivation, moral judgement, and intuitions. She is particularly interested in the interdisciplinary bridges between philosophy and empirical sciences, such as psychology, biology, cognitive sciences, and experimental economics.

She currently investigates the use of "nudges" (i.e. slight interventions that steer people’s choices in predicable directions) to promote adequate treatments in medicine and research integrity in academic contexts. She also works on a methodology for assessing the effectiveness and ethical acceptability of nudges.

In addition, she is interested in issues related to medical ethics (organ donation policy, patients' responsibility for their health capital, patients' autonomy of decisions at the end of life, etc.).

Christine Clavien is a member of committees responsible for advancing ethical awareness in academic education and in scientific research. At the national level, she is a member of the Federal Ethics Committee on Non-Human Biotechnology (ECNH). At the international level, she is member of the LERU Ethics Working Group.


Responsible for the following courses :

Involved in the medical ethics teaching program.


  • Master theses in philosophy (currently : Adrien Faure)
  • Master theses in medicine (currently : Laurence Buytaert, Camille De La Serna, Janine Kurzen, Thibaut Papis)
  • PhD thesis in philosophy (currently : Elodie Malbois)

Domaines de recherche

  • altruism
  • moral motivation
  • moral intuition
  • research integrity
  • ethics of nudges
  • medical nudges
  • moral justification
  • moral responsibility
  • relationship between science and philosophy

External funding

Horizon 2020 project "INTEGRITY: empowering students through evidence-based, scaffolded learning of Responsible Conduct in Research (RCR)" (as co-investigator, Christine Clavien obtained 270,000 € on a total amount of 2,500,000 €; start date = Feb 2019 & start date for the subproject involving Clavien’s group = beginning 2020)