Developing Training on Responsible Conduct in Research: An Empowerment Perspective

Lundi 25 avril 2022

12h15 - 13h30  |  Visioconférence ZOOM

Speakers : Mariette vd Hoven, Prof dr. in medical ethics, Amsterdam UMC and Utrecht University, coordinator of the H2020 project INTEGRITY and Mikkel Willum Johansen, Associate Professor and head of Section for History and Philosophy of Science at Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen

Training students and young researchers how to live up to high quality standards in research integrity is considered important, yet not all universities in Europe have embraced a default teaching program, and if they do, they mostly only focus on PhD students. In the H2020 project INTEGRITY (, we focused on developing teaching materials for a broader range of students, including high school, undergraduate students and early career researchers. In this presentation, we argue why this is necessary and present which perspective we took to develop our teaching tools.


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