Abha Saxena

Professeure invitée

Dr. Abha Saxena has more than fifteen years of experience in global health and research ethics, having joined WHO in 2001. She managed the research ethics programme and the Research ethics review committee of the World Health Organization (WHO) from 2002 to 2018, and coordinated the Global Health Ethics team from 2013 to 2018. As the coordinator of Global Health Ethics team, she led the development of numerous normative documents and guidelines, established a public health ethics consultative group for WHO staff members, liaised with international organizations also working in the area of bioethics, and provided leadership to the Research ethics review committee of WHO.  This led to the development of Standards for review of health related research, the ethical standards for patient safety research, the ethics  guidelines for managing TB, ethics guidelines for management of infectious disease outbreaks, the ethics guidelines for public health surveillance (see full list of ethics related publications developed under her leadership at She has also provided leadership to the Global Summit of National Bioethics Committees, which brings together national bioethics committees from around the world every two years – for identifying ethical concerns that have global relevance,  for networking and for learning from each other. The Summit held in 2018 in Dakar, brought together more than 70 countries.

Following her transition from the World Health Organization (WHO) in May 2018, Dr. Saxena has focused her attention to training, and research in global bioethics, and following her interest in the ethics of health systems research, human challenge studies, and of new technologies such as gene editing, big data and AI and neuro-technological advances. She has concurrent affiliation to the INCLEN Trust International, an international network of clinical epidemiologists, based in New Delhi. Dr. Saxena is the Senior Bioethics adviser to the INCLEN Trust where she has responsibility for training and mentoring young researchers, as well as advising their Ethics Committee.

She has conducted numerous workshops on research ethics not only for WHO staff but at the national level for countries like Sierra- Leone, Liberia, Uganda, Nigeria, amongst others. She has also conducted regional workshops for health systems research ethics in Indonesia, and for field epidemiologists in Thailand, and Brussels. 


Selected publications

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