Aurélien Allard

Postdoctoral Researcher FNS


Aurélien Allard is conducting research in moral philosophy, social psychology, and meta-science. He conducted his PhD at Paris 8 University, where he studied the idea of deservingness both from a normative and empirical perspective. After a first post-doc at UC Davis in Meta-Science, he is currently doing a second post-doc at the University of Geneva, where he is working with philosopher Christine Clavien to develop nudges to teach research integrity.



Normative ethics, theories of justice (idea of deservingness, justification of rewards and punishments)

Moral psychology (Studying folk intuitions on social justice)

Philosphy of science and Meta-Science (studying the evolution of research practices in psychology and social sciences since the beginning of the "replicability crisis"; normative defense of Open science principles; Research integrity)

Member of the research group "Ethics and Science"

Member of the research group "Biomedical Ethics"

Selected publications

Allard, A. & Marie, A., “Explaining historical change in terms of LHT: A pluralistic causal framework is needed” The Behavioral and brain sciences, 42, e190-e190, 2019. (Commentary)
Allard, A. & Cova, F., “Equality beyonds Needs-Satisfaction”, Journal of Applied Philosophy, 2019.
Cova, F., Strickland, B., Abatista, A., Allard, A., . . . , & Zhou, X. “Estimating the Reproducibility of Experimental Philosophy”, Review of Philosophy and Psychology, 2018.
Allard, A., & Cova, F., “Les limites de l’injustice”, Klesis, 41, 2018.
Allard, A., “La crise de la réplicabilité”, La vie des idées, 2018.