Chloé Alberto

Medical Research Fellow SNSF


Chloé Alberto is a medical research assistant, taking part in the Sinergia project "An interdisciplinary model to explain neverending infectious diseases. The case of syphilis, from 1859 to the present. "funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (2020-2024).

She is a medical doctor, specialist in Dermatology and Venereology (graduated in France (Toulouse) in 2017), and former head of the dermatology department of the University Hospitals of Geneva (2017-2020).

She is specialized in infectious dermatology and completed her medical thesis in 2017 on cutaneous diphtheria entitled "Cutaneous ulcers revealing diphtheria: a re-emerging disease? ».

His field of predilection is venereology, with sexually transmitted infections. She has participated in several national and international congresses in recent years (posters and oral communications, notably at the IUSTI-European Congress on Sexually Transmitted Infections).

She also participates in pre-graduate teaching at the University of Medicine of Geneva and post-graduate teaching in the fields of venereology, cutaneous infectious diseases and internal medicine, in connection with specialized services. The richness and variety of these subjects bring a scientific interest that she likes to show at congresses and publications.




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  • Congrès Swiss Derma Day and STI reviews and Updates 2020, Lucerne 01.20 – Communication orale « What’s new in urethritis management? »
  • IUSTI-Europe Congress on Sexually Transmitted Infections, Tallinn, Estonia 2019 – 2 communications orales «Early syphilitic pharyngitis in a pregnant woman» , «Bullous impetigo, a « new STI » in sexworkers »
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