Next PhD Thesis Defense

 The next PhD defense will take place on :



Mr. Hiroki SAITO 

 “Promotion of hand hygiene and infection prevention and control (IPC) in Japan through implementation of the WHO guideline on core components of IPC programmes” 



September 19th , 2pm - 4pm (CET, Geneva time) 

Seminar room of the Institute of Global Health, Campus Biotech, Geneva

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"Tackling disease education gaps of People with Haemophilia and obligate carriers in Sub-Saharan Africa through the design and implementation of an original Artificial Intelligence (AI) conversational agent" 


September 21 st , 3pm - 4:45 pm (CET, Geneva time) 

CMU medical school Geneva, Auditoire Paul Boymond, 1 rue Michel Servet, 1206

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“Global guidelines to prevent and manage non-communicable diseases and their influence to strengthen the primary health care system in Kyrgyzstan”.


September 27th, 9am-11am (Geneva time) 

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