The Institute of Global Health at the University of Geneva is launching a new course: ePrecision Global Health . This fully online distance learning course will take place over 5 weeks in October, with one session a week held on Tuesdays between 12:00 and 14:00 ECT.  High-profile speakers will be weblinked into the discussion from their various institutes and organisations with the potential for participants to join from anywhere in the world. Each session will consist of short lectures by invited expert speakers followed an interactive panel discussion with the opportunity for participants to pitch their questions to our expert panels. Over the 5 sessions the following topics will be covered: 

·  “Big Data” analytics for outbreak detection and response
·   Remote sensing and spatial analysis to map and predict disease outbreaks
·   Blockchain and cybersecurity: Data security and privacy during outbreaks
·   Modelling epidemics and pandemics – predicting the next outbreak: Confirmed speakers

·   mHealth and innovative technologies – mobile technology for outbreak surveillance and detection

One of the things that makes our 
Precision Global Health approach unique is the integration of data, life and social science. This will be reflected in the structure of our sessions, where we will have a Data Scientist to outline the technicality of these digital approaches, a Life Scientist/ Clinician to demonstrate how these innovative approaches can be applied to epidemic surveillance, preparedness and response, and a Social Scientist to highlight the real-world ethical challenges of actually implementing these approaches. 

Confirmed high level expert speakers include: Prof. Kamran Khan; Dr Mike Ryan ; Prof. Paul Lukowicz; Dr Nicolas Ray; Prof. Jean-Pierre Hubaux; Prof. Antoine Geissbuhler.


For more information please visit our course website: 
August 9, 2018