[945] Precision Epidemic Forecasting

Precision Epidemic Forecasting
 aims to answer the ambitious call of the National Centre for Competence in Research (NCCR) set out by the Swiss Scientific National Foundation. The Centre for Precision Epidemic Forecasting aims to propel forecasting and nowcasting into the future by integrating digital technologies in global health, rooted in a unique synergy between life science, social science and data science.

Constituted in a team managed by the Director (Prof. Antoine Flahault) and the Deputy Director of the project (SNF Prof. Olivia Keiser), the team consists of: one full time junior researcher (Nefti-Eboni Bempong), one part-time adjunct professor (Prof. Francis Moussy, from WHO), two part-time senior global health professionals (Dr. Cyril Pervilhac and Dr. Eric Comte, from MSF and GHF), and an epidemiologist and anthropologist (Dr. Johanna Goncalves Martin), all in partnership with Antoine Geissbuhler’s and Christian Lovis’s groups at Campus Biotech. The team is dedicated to answer the ambitious NCCR call, working in close collaboration with the Geneva Center for Viral Emerging Diseases (Director: Prof. Laurent Kaiser; Deputy Director: Prof. Isabella Eckerle).                        

The project also aims to create momentum for creating a consortium of Swiss academic institutions and international organisations, NGOs, and the private sector, to formulate innovative and sustainable solutions to better target efficient global health interventions. More recently the team was selected to host a meeting regarding Precision Epidemic Forecasting at the Rockefeller foundations Bellagio Centre.