[173] Global Charter for the Public's Health

Global Charter for the Public's Health: implementing global public health

Based on the “Global Charter for the Public’s Health” framework published in 2016, the group focuses its activities on health promotion, diseases prevention and protection of the public’s through the effective application of the Global Charter in different settings. The implementation is lead in collaborations with key organizations such as the World Health Organization, the World Federation of Public Health Association, UNEP, national and regional public health associations and schools as well as governments.

The Global Charter for the Public’s Health is a joint effort of the World Federation of Public Health Associations, the World Health Organization (WHO) and multiple stakeholders to provide a comprehensive, clear and flexible framework to adapt public health to its global context. The charter provides a set of tools including services and enabler functions that help public health professionals and organizations to develop policies, take action and promote the conditions for healthy lives. These tools rely on a strategic approach that considers the political and economic context and priorities of each country. The charter focuses on the functions of information, capacity, advocacy and governance to promote the public’s health, increase health security and fulfil the human right to health. Effective leadership in public health is important for applying the charter’s framework and achieving resilient, secure and accountable health systems.