Doctoral program in Global Health (PhD)


1. I am looking for a supervisor, how do I proceed?

Also not mandatory at the stage of the application, the applicant is encouraged to identify a main supervisor. The main supervisor must be a member of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva. The term “main supervisor” does not imply that this supervisor will have the most important role in the daily supervision, but that she/he endorses the academic responsibility of the PhD supervision.

2. I want to apply, how can I proceed?

The deadline for the online application is the 15th of April 2021. For online application, please visit the following page "application requirements":

Each application will be evaluated in detail by 2 members of the steering committee and 2 members of the coordinating committee. A selection meeting will be held during the month of June and after validation of the selection by the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine, selected applicants will be contacted no later than July 2021. In the meantime, applicants can be contacted by email, or through online discussions with a member of the steering committee and/or the coordinating committee for further details on their profile or their research project.

The successful candidates will officially start the PhD in September 2021 at the start of academic year.

3. Why do I need to send a letter from my employer?

The program design requires that the PhD student comes to Switzerland, and is available during the six independent weeks in total for training. The employer must be aware of that, and be supportive.

4. What is the format and length of a project proposal?

The coherence of the project presented will serve as a basis for candidate selection. The selection committee expect the candidate to show his/her scientific maturity by presenting a structured, realistic and well documented project proposal.

Length : 3 to 6 pages maximum. 

Outline as follows : 

  • General information : Family name, first name, name of supervisor (if you have already identified one)
  • Title of the project  
  • Presentation of the issue  
  • Research question and objectives  
  • Methodology  
  • Expected results  
  • Gantt diagram (to clearly set out the plan of study for your PhD)
  • Bibliography 

5. l am interested in applying for a PhD in global health. Could you provide me with further details on scholarship opportunities available for international students?

Unfortunately, at the moment we are unable to provide scholarships to our students.

6. Could you give me your thoughts on my eligibility for the program?

Eligibility criteria and applicant profile can be found on the following links:

Please do not send your CV at this stage.

7. The deadline for application is over. May I still apply?

We receive many applications and the selection process is very selective. Please consider re-applying next year.

8. What is the frequency and duration of visiting Switzerland during my studies?

Students are required to come in Switzerland:

  • For finalisation of enrolment at the University of Geneva.
  • For attending the 6 weeks of residential courses : Wengen, Geneva and Lugano (twice each)
  • For the thesis defence

Please, note that the travel and accommodation costs are fully the responsibility of the student.

9. I have obtained ECTS credits in the field of Global health some years ago, can these be considered for the present PhD?

No. Unfortunately, only ECTs obtained during the time of registration will be accounted for.

10. I have experience and great interest in the field of Global Health. Could you accept me in your research group or labs for this program?

Unfortunately, we do not have positions for PhD students in the institute of Global Health. You will need to find a position, a research project and a supervisor by yourself

11. What is the total tuition cost for the program if completed in three years?

Tuition fees at the University of Genevea amount to 500 CHF for the first and last semester, and to 65 CHF for the rest of the semesters. There are additional tuition fees for the 6 mandatory residential courses (approximatively 2000CHF/cours or 12000 CHF fees, for guidance only , as these may change slightly). Student are responsible for the coverage of all tuition fees-university matriculation tuition fees and mandatory residential tuition fees-and all associated travel, accommodation and meal costs during their stay in Switzerland.