Doctoral program in Global Health (PhD)

Courses requirements


Each year, three different seasonal school weeks are organised in collaboration with the Swiss School of Public health (SSPH+). Each of these 3 one week-schools covers specific topics related to global health management (Methodology and Epidemiology during the Winter School, Global Health during the Spring School, and Management in Healthcare and Health Economics during the Summer school). The PhD candidate must participate twice in each of the three schools over the first two years of the PhD curriculum. The weeks are:

Course replacement: However, with the recommendation of the main supervisor and acceptance by the PhD program director, PhD candidate also has the option of replacing one of these courses (winter or summer school) by one external course that is deemed to be more relevant to his/her research work. Typically, one of the Summer or Winter School weeks can be replaced by attending the «One Week Medical School»: one week in Geneva in late June (2 ECTS).


Online meetings and courses

Throughout the first two years, PhD candidates engage in learning activities through distance learning sessions and personal work.

  • Online meetings: upon invitation, participants connect regularly with peers via a dedicated web-platform (Zoom). Typically, connection times are 1-3 pm CET.
  • Online courses: delivered in the form of 2 MOOCs; two MOOCs during the first year . Typically, a MOOC (2 ECTS) represents an average of 10 hours of online courses (about 2 hours per week) and 20 hours of personal work including article reading and online meeting preparation.


Residential exams

  • Residential comprehensive final exam: a final comprehensive exam is administered oncle all mandatory ECTS are acquired. The examination will be based on the canditate’s thesis manuscript and is delivered in the form of a 20 minutes presentation.