Doctoral program in Global Health (PhD)

Leonardo Scapozza

M. Leonardo Scapozza

Full Professor of Pharmaceutical Biochemistry/chemistry

University of Geneva

Bio and research activities

Prof. Leonardo Scapozza is a pharmacist by training and received his PhD in pharmaceutical chemistry at the ETH. He spent 3 years as postdoctoral fellow in Switzerland and in the USA (Texas A&M University) working in the field of pharmaceutical chemistry and structural biology. 1996 he returned at the ETHZ as “Oberassistent“ in Pharmaceutical Chemistry by Prof. Folkers where he became  Assistant Professor in February 2001. In October 2004 he was appointed Full Professor of Pharmaceutical Biochemistry/Chemistry at the University of Geneva. His research focuses on understanding Ligand-Macromolecule interactions to develop new therapeutic strategies in the therapeutic area of Cancer, Antibiotics and Neglected/orphan Diseases. He is author of more than 120 peer reviewed papers and 8 patents.

Research activities of the Pharmaceutical Biochemistry Group

The research of the Pharmaceutical Biochemistry group aims at addressing some of the challenges in taking a drug from the bench to the patient by integrating smart cutting edge science and technology using an interdisciplinary approach. Solving the twin problems of lack of efficacy and high toxicity goes through the selection of the right target, the right molecule and the appropriate delivery technology and formulation for the appropriate clinical trial. The research of the group tackles the issues related to choosing the right targets, and molecules. Research in the Pharmaceutical Biochemistry/Chemistry field led by Prof. Scapozza focuses on molecular recognition for a better understanding of ligand-macromolecule interactions to develop therapeutic strategies involving new chemical entities and targets, using an approach based on the combination of biochemistry/biophysics, organic chemistry and computational chemistry/molecular modelling techniques, and covers three main topics Cancer; Antibiotics research and Neglected/orphan diseases

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