One Week Medical School


The One Week Medical School is an innovative, one week, full time training in medical thinking and practice for non-physicians developed by the Institute of Global Health of the University of Geneva’s Faculty of Medicine.  In close collaboration with the University Hospitals of Geneva, this full time intensive medical course will take place at the CIS Geneva (Centre Interprofessionnel de Simulation), 76B av de la Roseraie, on the site of the Geneva University Hospital (HUG)

The One week Medical School programme is a short but intensive medical training course designed for postgraduate students and professionals involved in the field of health (except for medical doctors). This highly interdisciplinary course will allow participants to gain a better grasp of the main issues and challenges faced by doctors. There are no prerequisites in terms of medical and scientific knowledge.

A wide variety of medical specialists will be teaching, professors and practitioners from the Faculty of Medicine and University Hospital of Geneva. Training methods will be close to those used for medical students in Geneva. For example, participants will be challenged by exposure to practical cases simulated by professional actors.



When: 31.10.22 – 04.11.22
Where:Centre Interprofessionnel de Simulation (CIS) - 76B Av. de la Roseraie - 1205 Geneva
Break time: lunch provided


Note: This course does not offer BLS certification or any other medical qualifications


For SSPH+ members & partner institution / external academics & other participants
1000 CHF / 1500 CHF