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Presentation: I obtained my master degree (French engineer diploma) from the ENSMM (Ecole nationale supérieure de mécanique et microtechniques of Besançon (France), in 2021 after a six-month internship in the Kinesiology Laboratory. This internship allowed me to obtain skills in clinical gait analysis and to specialize in the use of inertial sensors. I then joined Prof. Armand's team as a research assistant. My research projects focus on the use of inertial sensors to obtain gait parameters and kinematics.

Keywords: Inertial sensors, sensors insoles, kinematics, simulation

ORCID: 0000-0002-2797-7677

Related projects:

  • KINEMAGICS: 3D kinematics for clinical gait analysis using wearable sensors
  • Total hip prosthesis

Publications (with K-Lab): Coming soon !