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Sarah Halata

Masters Student (MS)

Kinesiology Laboratory - HUG
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Presentation:  I am currently studying for a Master 2 IEAP (Engineering and Ergonomics of Physical Activity) at the STAPS in Reims, France (Faculty of Sport and Movement Sciences) after having completed a bachelor's degree in Education and Motor Skills. In the first year of my master's degree, I did my thesis on the transition from walking to running by comparing so-called "healthy" people with people whose eyesight we have deprived. In this research work I was able to carry out EMG measurements, movement capture measurements and their processing. As a result of this dissertation, I discovered movement and gait analysis in more depth. So, I wanted to do my internship in a laboratory of movement and gait analysis. Later, after the master, I would be interested in doing a thesis in this field.

Keywords:  Motion study; kinesiology; ergonomics

ORCID:  Not available

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  • Impact and benefit of increased walking speed in patients with cerebral paralysis

Publications (with K-Lab):  Coming Soon!