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Xavier Gasparutto

Postdoc (PhD)

Kinesiology Laboratory - HUG
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Presentation: After a master of mechanical engineering with a speciality in biomechanics at Lyon University, I did a PhD in biomechanics with a focus on the kinematic and dynamic modelling of the lower limb at Lyon University. After my PhD, I travelled to The Netherlands for a three year postdoc at the TU Delft to study the biomechanics of pitching in baseball and focus on the upper limb. During my stay, I worked on full-body and shoulder dynamics, musculoskeletal models of the shoulder, and on the development of real-time feedback systems for elite pitchers. I arrived in Geneva in October 2017 and my research interests are now shared between methodological developments (fusion of motion capture and medical imaging) and clinical research (evaluation of function in patients with total hip and knee arthroplasty).

Keywords: Biomechanics; Data fusion; Multibody dynamics; Multibody optimisation

ORCID: 0000-0001-8617-6522

Related projects:

  • PATH: Pre and post-surgery success criteria of functional outcome in total hip arthroplasty

  • KIS: Characterisation of knee instability after knee arthroplasty

Publications (with K-Lab):

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