EVI Project

Title EVI: Efficacy of the Vestibular Implant for the rehabilitation of patients with severe bilateral vestibulopathy
Dates January 2022 to January 2026
Principal investigator Angelica Perez-Fornos (CURIC Lab, UNIGE/HUG)
Other investigators Stephane Armand (K-Lab, UNIGE/HUG), Gautier Grouvel (K-Lab, UNIGE/HUG),
Institutional collaborations
Funding SNF - Bridge - Discovery
Keywords Neuroprosthesis, vestibular implant, vestibular system, neuro-otology, electrical stimulation, vestibulopathy, gait analysis
Website EVI Project
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In recent years, a new field of scientific and clinical research has emerged to improve our knowledge and treatment of vestibular disorders. The pioneering work of our group has led to a world first with the development and implantation of a new neuroprosthesis: the vestibular implant, a device designed to rehabilitate patients with disabling bilateral vestibulopathy. However, despite recent research efforts in this field, a specific diagnostic and rehabilitation platform is still lacking, which calls into question the full validation of the device's efficacy and rehabilitation potential.

The present proposal aims to develop a meaningful, objective, and specific vestibular assessment platform representative of the symptoms, daily difficulties, and health-related risks (e.g., falls) of patients with bilateral vestibulopathy. Based on these results, we will develop clinically useful and feasible tests to quantify the acute effects of the vestibular implant on static/dynamic motor control strategies and to evaluate the importance and relevance of these methods for the clinical application of the device.