STOP Project

Title STOP (Stimulation transcranial Optimization Physiotherapy) Low Back Pain
Dates August 2023 to August 2025
Principal investigator Thomas Pourchet (UNIGE/HUG)
Other investigators Stéphane Armand (K-Lab, UNIGE/HUG) Pierre Nicolo (PAPTC, HES) Stéphane Genevay (Service de Rhumatologie, HUG) Cristiano Martins(La-Tour)
Institutional collaborations Haute École de Santé de Genève (Pierre Nicolo) Hôpital de la Tour (Cristiano Martins)
Funding no funding
Keywords Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy; Pain Neuroscience; Chronic/Persisten Low Back Pain; Transcranial Direct Current Simulation (tDCS); Brain Imaging; Electromyogram
Website STOP Lombalgie
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This project is a randomized controlled trial that is triple-blinded versus placebo. The project aims to investigate the effects of tDCS over the prefrontal cortex combined with physiotherapy in individuals with Chronic Low Back Pain. Chronic low back pain is a complex multidimensional pathology associated with neurophysiological alterations. The control of pain is compromised in this population. Physical activity has been shown to enhance pathways involved in pain control, and we aim to determine if combining exercises with brain stimulation can further enhance the effects on pain, brain activity, and muscular activity.