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 ===== Offices ===== ===== Offices =====
-**Willy Taillard Laboratory of Kinesiology**\\ +The K-LAB is composed of 3 offices: one experimental room dedicated to motion capture and two offices for the collaborators.\\ 
-The K-LAB is composed of 3 offices: one specific room to acquire the data and two offices for the collaborators. + 
-See below\\ +**The experimental room (room 6A-1-641):**\\
-**The acquisition space (room 6A-1-641) of the movement**\\+
 {{:resources:img_20141126_081012.jpg?400|}} {{:resources:img_20141126_081012.jpg?400|}}
 {{:resources:img_20141126_081227.jpg?400|}} {{:resources:img_20141126_081227.jpg?400|}}
 {{:resources:img_20141126_081156.jpg?400|}} {{:resources:img_20141126_081156.jpg?400|}}
-**The office (6A-1-638) is occupied by an average of 6-7 people (mainly masters, doctoral and post-doctoral students)**\\ 
-**The office (6A-1-642) is occupied by 3 people (S. ARMAND, A. BONNEFOY and F. MOISSENET)**\\ 
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