The Faculty of Medicine mentoring programme aims to provide basic and clinical scientists guidance at important steps of their academic career.   Mentees will get advice on issues such as research funding, group management, publication strategy, visibility, teaching competence, recruitment, or mobility. The programme will thus set mentoring partnerships between junior mentees and more senior volunteer staff mentors.

Mentees include:

  • Assistant professors (Professeur-es assistant-es)
  • Research and teaching fellows (maîtres-assistant-es)
  • Senior lecturers (maîtres d'enseignement et de recherche)
  • Senior clinical associates (chef-fes de clinique scientifique)
  • Scientific residents (internes scientifiques)
  • Holders of Swiss National Science Foundation Ambizione grants
  • Holders of Swiss National Science Foundation Marie Heim-Vögtlin grants
  • Recipients of UNIGE Boursières d'excellence grants
  • Recipients of others springboard grants toward independency

Mentees who have been invited to join the programme will choose a suitable mentor within the list of potential mentors. Mentees can also submit the names of existing or new mentors, other than thoses mentioned on the list. New Mentee-Mentor partnerships  must be formalized by completing the Mentee-Mentor registration form and validated by the R2 commission (Commission de la relève et de la recherche).

The Mentee-Mentor pair is formally established when both parties have downloaded, read and signed the Charter (in French or in English). The Mentee-Mentor follow-up form enables partners to register their meetings, as well as leave comments and notes for future meetings. For more info, and to identify themes of discussion and meetings goals, please visit the Info and news page.