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[1012] Quality of care assessment

As a university hospital, the HUGs must conducting research in quality care and also strengthen their ability to implement scientific knowledge in the daily care of its patients. A hallmark of "quality of care" is its multidimensional side. Quality care must be safe, effective, efficient, equitable, on time, and take into account the patient's values ​​and preferences, as well as his or her social environment (family, close ones). For research in this field, this involves using many disciplines such as social epidemiology, statistics, social sciences (psychology, sociology, anthropology), managerial sciences (management) and implementation sciences.

Most of the research carried out by the Quality of Care Service focuses on two areas of quality, namely care security (drug preparation, support for medical decision-making (diagnosis and prescription), the surgical safety check-list, mental health of health professionals, interprofessional collaboration, screening of multi-resistant bacteria, etc.) and patient preferences (annual satisfaction surveys, etc.). In addition, the quality of care service develops research on the implementation and monitoring of health institutions using quality indicators (pressure ulcers, falls, hospital readmissions, etc.).

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