[247] Psychosocial aspects of chronic diseases

  • "Representations and expectations in patients with chronic pulmonary obstructive disease"
    Authors: Luthy, J.-P. Janssens, A.-F. Allaz
    Qualitative study to explore representation of the disease in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

  • "Comparison of representations about pain in patients with low back pain and fibromyalgia"
    : E. Girard, C. Cedraschi, C. Luthy, A.-F. Allaz
    Comparison of causal attributions about pain in 2 groups of chronic pain patients.
  • "Appropriateness of admission : comparison between a structured questionaire and patients point of view"
    Authors: C. Luthy, A.-F. Allaz, M. Piccard-Kossovsky, J.-P. Michel et al
    Comparison between patients point of view and a structured questionaire on the justification of admissions and hospital stay in an internal medicine ward.
  • "Congruence between a multidisciplinary team and patients about hospital discharge"
    Authors : E. Perrin, C. Luthy, S. Voelin, A.-F. Allaz
    A qualitative analysis of patients and health care professionals point of view about the organisation of hospital discharge.
  • "Investigation of psychosocial, neurophysiological and phenotypical determinants of pain in fibromyalgic patients with randomized controlled evaluation of a self-management based program"
    Authors : C. Cedraschi, J. Desmeules et al
    Evaluation of a self-management program for patients with fibromyalgia

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