[575] Acquisition of Clinical Skills

The development of clinical competences requires acquiring excellent knowledge in basic sciences and the ability to gather relevant clinical data from the patient through history-taking and physical examination. Currently, many medical schools tend to integrate the teaching of clinical skills very early in the medical curriculum, in coordination with the teaching of basic sciences. However, it is still debated if such an early integration of clinical skills allows medical students to improve their medical competences. We also study the reliability of instruments used to assess clinical skills.

Project : « Ability of medical students to formulate  correct diagnosis early in the medical curriculum »
(collaboration with M. Gerbase MD, UDREM and HUG; Odile Classen, MD, UDREM; NV Vu, UDREM )

The undergraduate curriculum at the Medical school of Geneva integrates very early the acquisition of clinical skills with the teaching of basic sciences.

Purpose: To investigate if medical students integrate their knowledge in basic sciences and clinical skills and if they develop an early ability to evoke correct clinical diagnosis.

Projet : « Generalizability  study of an Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) »
(collaboration with  M. Germond, MD,UDREM ; D. Hexel, Faculty of psychology and educational sciences ; NV VU, UDREM)

At the Medical School of Geneva, clinical skills are evaluated with an Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE)
Purpose: Using a generalizability design, we want to study the reliability of a 4 stations OSCE.

- Project : «  Learning communication and interpersonal skills »
(Main investigator: Anne Baroffio, UDREM)
Contact and trust are essential elements of a good doctor-patient relationship and thus of quality health care
Purpose: To investigate elements of a medical encounter which contribute to simulated patients’ ratings of personal contact and trust in medical students.

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