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Lea Chauvigné

Dr Lea Chauvigné

Lab assistant

+41 22 372 35 85

After a Bachelor's degree in Integrative and Cognitive Neurosciences at the University of Marseille, I completed the Inter-faculty Master's degree in Neurosciences at the University of Geneva in Patrick Vuilleumier's group. My project focused on the unconscious perception of facial emotions through functional MRI. During this period, I was also a research assistant for various studies in fMRI and physiology.

I then completed my PhD at McMaster University (Canada) in Steven Brown's NeuroArts Lab in the field of social interactions. Using fMRI and motion capture, I studied motor coordination and synchronization of movements between individuals, especially during tactile interactions. I also worked on the behavioural and cerebral bases of rhythmic entrainment.

Currently a research assistant in the Imaging-Assisted Neuro-Rehabilitation Laboratory, I am responsible for patient recruitment for various studies, some administrative tasks, and I assist my colleagues in their research as needed. In addition, we are developing a multimodal study on chronic fatigue after acquired brain injury. The long-term objective would be to develop new therapies for chronic fatigue in these patients.




Chauvigné L.A.S. Neural and kinematic assessment of dance partnering as an ecological model of haptic mutual entrainment. (2017), McMaster University, Hamilton ON, Canada.

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