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While the resolution of optical microscopy is above 200nm, electron microscopy allows the observation and analysis of biological specimen with resolution approaching 1nm.

EM is notably for:

  1. visualizing normal and abnormal cell and tissue morphology.
  2. analyzing the intracellular localization of proteins, lipids and other macromolecules.
  3. Reconstructing the 3D ultrastructure of cells and tissues.

The "Pôle Facultaire de Microscopie Ultrastructurale (PFMU)" at the Medical Faculty of Geneva is a multi-user facility performing most aspects of biological research that require the use of scanning or transmission electron microscopy (SEM/TEM).
Anyone in the University research community who needs to use the PFMU facilities is welcome to do so. The facility is also open to users from other Universities and from companies.
To cover part of the costs and to be able to maintain the equipment, fees to use the equipment and fees for specimen preparation are charged to the users.

Initial contact

A prospective user should contact a member of the PFMU staff (see contact) and determine if the instruments in the facility are suitable for the proposed research.