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GuidoetalCoverImage-2.jpgThe Demaurex group recently celebrated the acceptance of the manuscript “Junctate boosts phagocytosis by recruiting endoplasmic reticulum Ca2+ stores near phagosomes” (Guido D., Demaurex N*, Nunes P*) in the Journal of Cell Science. JCS editors have selected the article to be featured in the “In this Issue” section of the journal, and PHYM PhD student and lead author Daniele Guido was chosen for an oral communication of these findings at the “Organelle crosstalk and Membrane Dynamics and Cell Signalling” meeting of the Biochemical Society in Edinburgh this fall– both evidence of the high interest with which the article has been received. The paper describes how junctate, a poorly studied protein known only to impart small effects on global calcium signals, can promote localized calcium signalling through membrane contact sites between the endoplasmic reticulum and other organelles such as phagosomes. Interestingly, the study showed that junctate can act as store-operated calcium regulator independently of STIM proteins, the most well-studied master calcium regulators in non-excitable cells. What this implies is that junctate can potentially compensate genetic defects or drug-induced inhibition of global STIM-protein mediated calcium signals by providing an avenue for localized signals to occur, which may be relevant for therapeutic strategies aimed at cancer or immune diseases targeting this signalling axis. The article is of special significance to both Daniele and PHYM Maître-Assistante Paula Nunes, as it is Daniele’s first publication as a lead author and Paula’s first publication as a co-senior author.

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Posted by: P. Nunes

November 11, 2015