Demaurex group publishes video-protocol for measuring phagosome pH in JoVE


The Demaurex group recently published a peer-reviewd video-protocol article in JoVE (The Journal of Visualized Experiments) entitled “Measuring Phagosome pH by Ratiometric Fluorescence Microscopy” (Nunes, P. Guido D., Demaurex N.)

 JoVE is an online journal dedicated to publishing established scientific methods or protocols in video format. The video comes with an accompanying peer-reviewed text manuscript that follows a standardized scheme, and that is subsequently edited and transformed into a video script by JoVE specialists. A videographer then comes to the lab for a one-day shoot of key steps in the experimental protocol. The steps involving computer analyses are visualized using screen-capture programs. Finally, JoVE’s own video editors and voice talent put it all together for a final verification by the authors before publication.  

The journal’s concept, that brings scientific communication and education a step further into the digital age, is based on the astute observation that the visual dimension adds a substantial amount of valuable information that is often overlooked, is difficult or impossible to convey in writing, or is simply left out due to space constraints in the methods sections of traditional journals. The University library has recently acquired a subscription for access to JoVE’s biology section, making this increasingly popular journal accessible to UniGe students and research staff. The downside is the stiff publication cost (around 2,500 CHF), which stems from the heavy involvement of the journal’s staff in the video production. On the other hand, getting to see your co-workers blush in front of a camera is rather priceless.

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January 26, 2016