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Prof. Stephen D. Hursting

Department of Nutrition and Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center

University of North Carolina, USA



“Breaking the obesity-cancer link: new targets & strategies”

Cancer and obesity are important public health problems which incidence is rising worldwide. Understanding the links between these two issues might provide interesting therapeutic avenues.

The PHYM department is pleased to welcome, in collaboration with the CRTOH, Prof. Stephen D. Hursting from the Department of Nutrition and Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center (University of North Carolina, USA).

Recognized in the area of nutrition, obesity, metabolism and cancer, his lab focuses on the molecular and metabolic mechanisms underlying obesity-cancer associations, and the impact of energy balance modulation (eg, calorie restriction and exercise) or pharmacologic agents on cancer development and progression. Primarily using genetically engineered mouse models of breast cancer (recently in parallel with several clinical trials), colon cancer and pancreatic cancer, Dr. Hursting has identified the IGF1/Akt/mTOR and NF-kB signaling pathways as key targets for breaking the obesity-cancer link. His publications establish causal links between obesity, cancer and several systemic factors (including IGF-1, insulin, leptin and IL-6) and components of their downstream signaling pathways (including mTOR and NF-kb).


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February 24, 2020