PHYM Social Spotlight: Christmas “Pijama Party” set for Dec 15th.

BlonayTrain.jpgChillion.jpgAfter a successful departmental fall “Sortie”, where PHYM members were transported into the past on a lovely classical train ride to the Blonay-Chamby Train Museum followed by a visit to the impressive Château de Chillon, PHYM members can now look forward to the next social event of the department, the annual Christmas Party.



FeteNoel.jpgThis year the party will be hosted jointly by the Chanson and Demaurex groups and will take place on Tuesday Dec 15th, 2015, at 18h30. This year’s theme will be “Pijama Party”, so PHYM members are invited to put on their nicest pijamas, slippers and bathrobes and come join the celebration. 


Hoping to see many of you there in a “onesie” or just with your favourite teddy bear or pillow…











Posted by: P. Nunes

November 11, 2015